Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My son is an artist, musician and actor and today he launched his first music video on YouTube! His band is called Hand over Heart and his website is http://handoverheartmusic.com. More music can be heard by clicking on Myspace words on the website. I love his song called Fight Back! I am so proud of him and he did all the editing for the video and all music for the exception of the drums..so talented. This particular song is called Roann. He feels this song was put in his head by my father, which is his grandfather after his passing. Dad was born in the small town of Roann, Indiana and JT filmed this video there, as well as, Michigan. Those goats were rescued goats and a bull! All very midwestern and farm country..you can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy..The following is a bio that was done on him- Enjoy! Below this, is his beautiful girlfrind Sheva, and a box I made for her for her birthday this month. They sell for $45 on up depending on the dimensions..20% of all proceeds from my art will go to my non-profit Angels Indeed. Enjoy!
Jashub T. Absher turns from looking out the window and smiles. "How much better are our greatest successes than our greatest failures? What's more valuable to your soul?" Not many people approach life's challenges with such a sense of hunger and curiosity, but that's what sets Hand Over Heart apart. The Los Angeles-based musical project of Midwest transplant Absher, Hand Over Heart is a surprisingly honest, sometimes painfully authentic journey through love and life found and lost and found again. Having played in various bands, opening for acts such as Silverspun Pickups and Bright Eyes, Absher has spent the past few years honing a musical style and lyrical approach that is uniquely beautiful. Hand Over Heart's songs explore the line between our world and the mystical metaphysical. Listening to "Fight Back" or "Roann", one gets the sense that Absher is a poet with a mission. "I'm not stopping now until I'm buried with the music," he says. "Each of the songs is a little documentary, a message to people about how to love yourself and learn how to love others." After his grandfather's funeral, Absher stayed awake for three days straight, energized by his new-found healing powers. He discovered that by laying his hands on someone he could affect real physical change. This is the spirit that imbues his songs now and the motivation behind the project's name.


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