Friday, October 16, 2009

Lost my Camera cord!

I must be honest with you...Since being in Grand Rapids and then coming to Indiana again, I have not updated this site do to a temporary malfunction. I misplaced my camera cord. What is a blog with-out pictures? I have one ordered from Ebay and it should be arriving soon. My camera is ancient and I had been everywhere trying to find a cord that would allow me to download my photos onto this sight. I was talked into a new camera while in Grand Rapids and bit the bullet..Excited I was at the prospects of "new material" ..... I decided to walk my dog. While I was was walking my dog she pulled on the leash while trying to run after a squirrel and I was trying to take a picture of a very cool peace sign in someones when flying to the ground- so that one was destroyed and of course no insurance..AHHH LIFE! So now I am back to my old camera and will soon be back in gear to touch you with MORE INNER TOUCH ART...SEE you soon!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Cin!!! What a HUGE bummer about your new camera! Are you in a good place for phone service yet? If you are give me a call sometime. Other than the camera I hope life is treating you well. Miss you




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