Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting Ready for the 2012 "Where Bloggers Create" Party~!

     My own RE-Imagine project is underway!  Why? Well this is the deal! My friend Karen Valentine is having her forth annual "  Where Bloggers Create" party and I am running around here ~ re-imagining my  " new "  loft/studio space! Last year I was downstairs for the parrtay...but this year I am in the upstairs part of the house! If you want to see what that RE-Imagine That! project entailed, here is the link to it!~ I featured my "The Get Back Experiment" blog for last years party. Karen designed that blog as well. Get ready to dance!
              2011 RE-Imagine That! Space RE-Do
 Just so you know, for the last few years I have been traveling like there is no tomorrow! I tell ya! Phoenix to Michigan to my hometown of Wabash, Indiana and now have finally settled in Portland as of a year and a half ago. The butterfly has landed.....So this is the space I RE-Imagined
 ( actually staged a house and lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan the summer of 2009 ) for the 1st " Where Bloggers Create Party ". Missed posting my 2010 space. Why? Too busy carving out a living  at the craft festivals and sweating in the Indiana heat! Not this year! Weather in Portland is beautiful!!!

                2009 RE-Imagine That! Space RE-Do

So that was truly a blast from the past and my little dog Rubsters has been with me the whole time ! She is just the best! Hope you enjoyed! Now I must get busy! It is the  33 hour countdown!

Peace and Loverly RE-Imaginings! 


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