Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Place Where Crooked Birds Conjugate-Meditate-Rehabilitate.........

This is the first of my art inspirations this summer.  It is a Rehabilitation Chapel for birds. Crooked Birds.  It will be a favorite spot for the Crooked Lake birds in Indiana. As you see when you scroll down, that was my first stop along the way, in my travels this summer- staying at my friends lake home. I felt while I was visiting,  that crooked birds need a little spiritual house to raise their vibe! This one is it!  I hope to have this finished by August! It is made with shells, feathers and more shells....the steeple is very cool and I think it will look awesome when it is finished.  I already sold this one as well. I set the price at $125. It is truely a one-of-a-kind and have already put an incredible amount of hours into it.! I will have more made soon,  as I am going to be spending lots of time next week doing art in my temporary art studio in Grand Rapids, MI. Each art studio for me is temporary this summer due to my traveling all over to get out of the Arizona heat! 116 there yesterday. Oh My!  My Art studio will be in an old house from 1903, in the Cherry Hill District. An artist has come in and created some wonderful painting ideas on the walls. I am staging it now with accessorys and interior design along with adding the good smells of incense, fresh baked bread and coffee. I also am adding soft music to the vibe..doing this for a friend and holdng open houses daily. Come on over!  22o Wellington. This gives me lot's of time to create and I am "FEELIN IT REAL" that the house gets sold as well!  It is all Good and I feel grateful and so do all the crooked birds in Grand Rapids too!

*Each piece of art that I sell- 20% goes to my non-profit called Angels Indeed which gives undercover random acts of kindness to people in need!


  1. Oh my goodness! The work that went into that! Your friend is gonna love it! Hope you are happy and healthy! Miss you.


  2. The bird house is fantastic! Love the feathers over the shells. That is quite cool looking.



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