Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is the first box that I made....It is sold also! I am selling my art before I am even finished. This is good though!  My idea for these boxes is to give them a name. Possibly  Intention Box's. Inside each box you will find many wonderful and powerful affirmations, personally created by me to help get your Belief about Who You are in Top Form..We have to Feel Empowered- to Be the Change we want to see in this world, so this is my offering! A great addition to your sacred space!. Pull out an affirmation each morning while you are having coffee, say it and FEEL IT REAL! Off you go into a blissful day! You may also want to use the box to put all of your absolutely favorite pictures, sayings or ideas that represent the way in which you are going to FEEL your desired life REAL,. You may later use these on a visionboard or in an art project. In the archives of my spiritual blog, in which you will find a link, at the top of this page ( The Inner Touch link), I have written about the "Power of our Belief"s and "Feeling it Real "in a blog called WHATS YOUR STORY?. Go to the archives and find the ones written in May and scroll down till you find it. This particular one is made of moss, shells, paper and a good deal of LOVE. Each one is a one-of- a- kind piece and you amy email me if you want one made for you and your desired colors,  etc. Price varies on size. Sold for $45
*Each piece of art that I sell- 20% goes to my non-profit called Angels Indeed which gives undercover random acts of kindness to people in need.

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