Friday, July 15, 2011

Making Tags to Label Your Art Boxes!!!

                Hi Arty-Farty Blogger...thanks for coming over to see me here at my other ART BLOG! Man, oh man...I am blog crazy. Seriously. I also have 250 pens in my possession. The method behind the madness? May it be a little artsy fartsy stifled writer that seems to need to "put herself out there"? Who the hell knows...But I do know this.. This is the blog I created in 2009, so I could partake in  the first " Where Bloggers Create" Par Tay..of Karen Valentines..
A lot has transpired since then! I will NOW show you an idea that flew into my brain... on making tags for my art box's or for any box, as far as, that goes! So go now and put on the tea...and grab your art bag full of tools and glue and brushes and mandatory art paraphernalia!

Next you get yourself some strands of nail head trim at your nearest upholstery or fabric store.
Now drink yourself a cup of green tea while you snip off the actual nail heads that have the nail holes in them.  Keep the others. You will use those to decorate the box up! You will be gluing these to the alphabet or numbered tags you are about to make!
Then you get your glue stick and glue gun and sheets of scrap booking paper that have numbers or letters on them and some with pretty square stamp images… 
Once you cut out the letter or number squares (make them smaller than the stamp), you then cut the stamp squares out with a rough edge pair of scissors and glue the letters or numbers onto the top of stamp squares.  Count your box’s and make accordingly the tags you want to use to label them.
1-5 or A-E (Five Boxes)
Next make a hole with a small hole puncher, in the corner of the tag and glue the small nail head to the tag. Then you get some metal wire and curve it to fit around the box handle and run it through your new tag curving it up and around the tag..

So you see.....
Your old messy art closet ...

 Can be transformed into a beautiful thang!!

All you have to do is....

Re-Imagine That!



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