Monday, October 31, 2011

RE-Imagining Pumpkins!!!!

 This weekend I was thinking about how to apply the whole RE-Imagine That! idea to Halloween and I decided it was time to re-imagine the standard carving of a pumpkin!..I went to Whole Foods and bought the biggest most beautiful pumpkin I could find, only $4..(it would hardly go into my trunk) it is...

I then walked over to -The Rebuliding Center- on Mississippi-  and found all kinds of old hardware parts, doorknobs, draw pulls, shower heads,weather stripping,nail head trim etc. This is the mess of stuff I bought for $5.

The first thing I did was take the weather stripping out of the bag. I knew that had to be the hair...then the name Penelope flew into my I knew this was a girl and off I went into creating her. I was feeling her spirit and it felt a lot like the spirit of a stuffed doll I had growing up. Shrinking Violet... does anyone remember her?...if you don't here is a looksy!

So here she is with the weather stripped hair. I let her reveal herself to me...That is one thing about art.... you must first

from all the noise


to what wants to come through...

So this is what came through!!

Hi! I am Penelope!
Happy Halloweeeeeny and until next time....

Keep Creating!

Peace and Love, Cindy

Don't forget to listen to your dog this Halloween! It wants to dress up too!

I found this picture on Facebook. Would love to know the name of this dog if anyone knows who it is.


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